About Us

Welcome to Hoops Lab the premiere site for sharing basketball videos online. This site is designed for coaches, players, parents and
basketball enthusiasts to upload full game footage. The goal is to create a site for players to gain exposure to college coaches around
the country and to grant coaches a quick and easy way to look at talented prospects all over the world. Not only is Hoops Lab a great
place for sharing and exchanging videos, but it is an excellent tool for studying your opponents.


Other video sharing sites allow you to upload short clips with small file size limits, Hoops Lab allows large file uploads so you can upload
entire games! Our hope is for this community to grow quickly and be your first stop on the internet for sharing and watching basketball videos.
The best part, Hoops Lab is FREE! Join our Hoops Lab community today and you can begin uploading your game videos right away!


Hoops Lab is just getting underway. So please bare with us as we will be experiencing many changes in the coming months. We want to provide
the best video sharing site possible, so please contact us with any problems or questions you have about the site.


Many of you may be new to video sharing online. If you do not have any dvd ripping or video conversion software. We highly recommend downloading
this free software http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/free-dvd-video-Software.htm This software should give you all the tools you need to get your games
uploaded to hoopslab.com