• Kobe or Lebron: Who has become the NBA's villain?

  • By: ILOVETHISGAME Added: 07-05-11
  •  I think we can all agree the NBA was crazy this year. I welcomed some true drama back into the league after so many years of mediocrity ever since Michael Jordan retired. It was great seeing my family members and friends start caring about the NBA again. Of course most of them were only tuning in because they wanted to see Lebron James fail. Regardless of the reasons it was just nice to have some real excitement surrounding the games. As I watched everyone around me cheer for Dallas as if they were born in the Lone Star State, I started asking them who they now hate more...Lebron James or Kobe Bryant?


    I was blown away by the answers I got... Most people now tell me they would rather see Kobe win another Championship before Lebron gets one. 


    The answer would have been very different had I asked that same question 30 minutes before Lebron James sat down to announce his Miami decision in that ridiculous 2 hour press conference. Wow, how Lebron has destroyed his public image over the past year. To make matters worse Lebron slaps most of America in his final 2011 NBA post game press conference...If you haven't heard it...check it out... www.hoopslab.com/videos/913/lebron-james-game-6-press-conference


    If there is one thing this past NBA season has shown, it is that for people to care again the NBA needs either big time heros like Michael Jordan or big time villains like Kobe and Lebron. Going forward I think it will be difficult for professional sports to have "pure" heros anymore with the invention of Twitter and Facebook. We would have a far different image of Jordan, Barkley, and Magic Johnson had they played today under the same public scrutiny in their private lives. 


    We have witnessed the fall of the two most recognizable athletes over the past couple years as Lebron James and Tiger Woods have destroyed their once "Heroic" images. Lebron will always be known as a solid basketball player and maybe one of the most athletic to ever play the game but he will now never be "Heroic" in the eyes of the average American. I can't blame him for wanting to go play with his two buddies in Miami but I hope he realizes what he gave up. It is very likely that he will always be seen as a villain in the NBA from this point forward. 


    With all this being said... I still can't cheer for Kobe...He drives me crazy... Let's get Kevin Durant a little more help in Oklahoma City and I can get behind that kid. Thank God...The NBA is Back!



    What do you think? Kobe or Lebron? Neither? Both?

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  • Reply by: CobraKai
    Date: 07-13-11

    Kobe has done nothing but be a stud in the league for years. League MVP's, Finals MVP, and he closes out games as good as any player in history...Lebron is choke artist... Kobe got screwed over by some chick trying to get money out of him so I don't care about his off court stuff. Kobe has produced...Enough Said!

    Reply by: CoachS82
    Date: 07-13-11

    I like your post... I am amazed at the fall of Lebron James. He has destroyed his chance of being an American legend. I respect both Kobe and Lebron as players but they are very hard to cheer for anymore.