• Why do we root against the Heat?

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  • Why do we cheer against Lebron and Miami Heat? Are we all haters? Do we all just like cheering against the Evil Empire type teams? Do we all love Dirk Nowitzki this much? What are the real reasons for everyone jumping on the Mavs bandwaggon and rooting against Miami Heat?

    There are many reasons to root against the Miami Heat. Who really wants to see the NBA come to this? A bunch of average teams, a couple of really good teams and one team loaded with super stars. Miami is not a perfect team by any means, they have 3 all stars and an average supporting cast. This Heat team would not hold a candle to any Chicago Bulls teams of the 90’s, nor would they beat many of the Lakers, Celtics or Piston teams of the 80’s and 90’s. Those were all great teams from the top down. They all had their superstars, but their supporting casts were some of the best in the league as well. The Heat do not have a great bench, they don’t even have a good bench. They really aren’t as good of a team as everyone gives them credit for…So back to the point, why do we root against the Heat?

    For many people the reason is the Heat are a manufactured team. The team did not evolve organically through player development or a great draft strategy or even a great trade. Dwayne Wade didn’t mold Lebron James into a trusty sidekick or vice versa. This team didn’t grow together, didn’t get better and better each year together. They didn’t add key pieces to the puzzle over the years. They simply exist because 3 superstars decided they wanted to play together and win a few championships. They really just rolled the ball out there and bam they are playing in the NBA championship. Where is the challenge? Where is the struggle? Where is the team building and growth?  Miami’s struggles have been well documented, and over analyzed via 24/7 sports highlights and analysis, but they are all short term struggles that given time will work themselves out.

    The problem that will not go away quickly is Lebron and everything that lead him to Miami. Lebron has proven to be anything but clutch. The bigger the stage the smaller Lebron has been. Lebron was great in taking Cleveland from a terrible team to one of the best teams in the league last year. Where was the pressure in making Cleveland a contender? Where was the pressure on Lebron when he was torching the Pistons for 30 straight points in the playoffs? There wasn’t any, he had nothing to lose. He was doing everything in his power to win those games, he was using every ounce of talent and effort that he had. And it was AWESOME to see. A true spectacle of sports that we don’t get to see that often. He really was taking a below average team and turning them into a great team. Lebron is the type of player that does not need another superstar around him to make a team great. He really does have the talent and the ability to do all of this on his own. The things he was doing on the court were unmatched by anyone ever! He was making believers out of even the most beaten down Cleveland fans.  But in those final games with Cleveland and then the final moments of his free agency all of Lebron’s flaws and insecurities were revealed in one terrible hour of television.

    Lebron James revealed that he doesn’t want to be the man, can’t be the man, doesn’t want the pressure, doesn’t want to take the big shot. In essence he wanted to secure a “legacy” with a bunch of championships,  The championships he may do, but the legacy will always be debatable. Lebron may secure his place in history with the Heat but at the same time he destroyed what was a stunningly positive reputation on and off the court. I don’t think he could foresee that he was making himself the villain. I don’t think it is a role that he plays well. Lebron is more of a court jester than anything. He is always clowning and light hearted but for many people the reason he will always be disliked is because he took the easy way out, he took the shortcut to a championship. He won’t be remembered for taking a struggling city to greatness, he won’t be remembered for hitting game winner after game winner. He will be the guy that was afraid to lose. A guy that wanted to play second fiddle just to secure championships for a legacy he hasn‘t even created for himself. For me, he will always be the guy that didn’t rise to the challenge, the guy that couldn’t handle the pressure, the guy that folded in Cleveland and the guy that folds in the 4th quarter of the Finals. No matter how many championships the Heat win, it won’t be because Lebron took the team to greatness, and it won’t be because he took the big shot.

    Basketball fans wanted to see what Lebron was capable of, they wanted to see him rise to the challenge, they wanted to see his talent taken to heights unattained by other greats before him. Lebron was already creating a great legacy for himself. Fans all over the world were behind him and pulling for him. He was a man amongst boys. We didn’t want to see him go play the Scottie Pippen role in Miami. A role that may get him championships but won’t get him the legacy he was truly capable of. A legacy that NBA fans outside Miami might care about.  For now, Lebron will play the role of goat until multiple championship are won. Only Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh can save his reputation from being known as the GOAT. And in this instance that does not stand for Greatest Of All Time.


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