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  • By: JSmith_23 Added: 05-09-11
  • While the NBA is no stranger to terrible officiating and referee conspiracies, one can not help but wonder what is going on with the officiating in the Bulls-Hawks series. Bennett Salvatore's inadvertent whistle call with 2 1/2 minutes left in the game on a Derrick Rose 3 point attempt will for me go down as one of the most peculiar and ridiculous calls in NBA playoff history. Don't get me wrong, every NBA game has it's lion share of terrible calls, but this one raises eyebrows. Down 6 the Bulls would have been and should have been going to the line to shoot 3 free throws and a tight game...instead we get a jump ball? Atlanta gets the jump and scores, making it an 8 point lead with 2 minutes. Game over essentially.


    While the Bulls did not play well and did plenty on their own to lose this game, they did not get any help from the officiating through out the game. There were numerous judgment calls throughout the game and several key plays late that would have been difference makers that all went against Chicago. This makes Salvatore's blown call all the more glaring. One can't help but speculate that the NBA would like to see this series extended the full 7 games. Especially with big market teams like the Lakers being swept out of the playoffs (Not much officiating could do with that game 4 buzz saw)  and smaller market teams like Memphis and Oklahoma City battling it out to play Dallas.  


    Now I wouldn't go so far to say that Salvatore intentionally blew the call or has an agenda in any way shape or form. But I can say that blowing your whistle in that scenario and taking 4 to 5 seconds to actually make the call is a bit like calling a holding penalty 6 seconds after a team scores a touchdown. How and why he would ever come up with an inadvertent whistle call in that situation is beyond me or any other basketball fan that is trying to regain some faith in the NBA.


    See Bennett Salvatore's Blown call in the Chicago Bulls vs Atlanta Hawks Game 4

    Stay tuned...I will be putting together a video channel of the worst calls in the NBA.


    Jimmy Smith

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